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Cover Art by Alexis DeLaRosa

Photo by Kees Van Mansom

Written and Performed by Danny Herb


Produced by Gene Louis

Recorded by Travis Pavur

Mixed/Mastered by Joseph Holiday*


Guitar: Danny Herb, Felipe Rodrigo

Bass: Zachary Kibbee

Drums: Gene Louis

Vocals: Danny Herb

Backing Vocals: Gene Louis, Zachary Kibbee, Felipe Rodrigo, AJ Balloonski

Special Thanks: Justin Halladay, Michelle Herb, Jordan Warren, Gene Louis, Joseph Holiday, Travis Pavur, Zachary Kibbee, AJ, Balloonski, Felipe Rodrigo, Alexis DeLaRosa, Kees Van Mansom, Brent Clawson

*Perspective mixed and mastered by Brent Clawson

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