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That's the production

company I started.

Wanna know stuff about me?

Okay. So what do you wanna know? I'm a Director, Writer, Actor, Editor, Producer, Studio Owner, Musician, Gaffer, Set Builder, Event Lighting Technician, Electrician, Contractor, Ex-Husband, Son, Father, Brother, Friend, Nintendo Enthusiast, Ex-smoker, Master Electrician, Rock Climber, Motorcyclist, Artist, Entrepreneur, Cat Person, Rebel, Dungeon Master, Furniture Builder, Traveler, and Californian, born and bred. But I'm sure you're here on this website to find out about my film stuff. Okay, well those tabs up there will lead you where you want to go; except my editor page, which you can find here. Why hide that? Because, I also like hidden passageways, secret rooms, and easter eggs.

What else? Well, each page has a little bit of information about me. The part of my life you want to know about should coincide with whatever page you're on. Look, all this is pretty simple stuff. If you're still reading this I'm quite surprised, to be honest. Who really reads this stuff anyway? My interests include, all things film, tattoos, counter culture, hanging out with friends, making a fool of myself, and the things I listed earlier. I am a firm believer in learning and improving daily, never regretting, never giving up, and busting your ass to get what you want. I think swearing is fun as fuck and not always appropriate. I used to say "hella" a lot. I believe George Carlin had a hell of a lot of stuff figured out. I think Bill Burr is the best comedian of our time. Making quality work worth taking pride in is important and being a good person is more important. 

If you haven't noticed, yet, I'm just rambling to fill the page and make it look like I'm interesting. Have fun perusing my stuff.


"Their stuff is shit, and your shit is stuff."

                                                      -George Carlin

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