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I like to direct stuff. Here's some stuff I directed.

Two Guys One Truck

Comedy Web Series about two guys, Nick and Kenton, and their attempt to run a successful moving company amungst all the chaos they face from their bazaar clientel and their own stupidity.

Lishy Lou and Lucky too

This fun childrens show is a part of the emmy award winning show "The Firday Zone" airing on PBS is about Lishy and the things she learns when trying to throw a dance party for her friends.

Session One

The story of a Psychiatrist who needs a Psychiatrist.

I made this short film and we are now in development to turn this story into a full-legnth feature film. You can see with short film/test footage here.

I've Also done a bunch of music video stuff. Here's a few.

It didn't take long for me to realize that directing is where I belong in the film industry. It was as if my life put on glasses for the first time, everything was clear. After spending a lot of time in front of the camera, in the art department, grip and electric department, production and editing I learned what it took for a good director to make a set run smoothly. But where directing is really addicting and satisfying to me is in the story telling. I cherish the work of Robert Zemekis, as he is a true story teller, but I only aspire to be me. Directing is one of america's last and greatest forms of story telling and it is all too often taken with a grain of salt. I want to make quality, story driven films that rise above all the other white noise of films polluting the saturated market, and shine with the radience of a pheonix. That's why I started Rise Motion Pictures.




















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