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I act in stuff too.

I started acting at a very young age. In 1989 at age 7, I was in my first theatrical performance, "Come Follow the Band" a Magic Circle Theatre children's musical. I continued to act in plays and musicals all throughout my youth. I quickly moved to the top of my drama classes in Jr. High and High school, cuz those are worth mentioning. After high school I studied films in a local community college.
I did various other local theatre, church, and college stuff while still in my home town near Sacramento, CA. I have been performing in rock bands starting at age 12, so that stuff helps with certain roles, right?  

In September 2006 I moved to Hollywood to pursue my career in film and started writing the script for Hardcore Hearts.

During the making of my first film, I continued to act in projects such as "Four Letter Word" and "Found" directed by Dawn Fields. I was also cast in AMC's "Date Night" on cable television and starred in an Ebay commercial with Smuggler Production a while back ago.


I am represented by manager Versa Manos of Gorgeous Media Group.

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